Teaches habit based nutrition actions and lifestyle changes for men and women.  

Helping you Succeed in Looking Better, Feeling Stronger, Moving Faster, and Aiming Higher! ONE small change at a time.

Partnering with industry-leading nutrition company (Precision Nutrition), technology (ProCoach), mentor and Coach ( Mike The Nutrition Guy), guiding you along a 12 month journey, you’ll get expert coaching and support that will help improve your nutrition, sleep, stress management, mindset, and overall healthy living.

The Nutrition Guy as your coach will help you stay accountable, be consistent, and get results that last for the rest of your life!

WHO is and WHY partner with Precision Nutrition?

Precision Nutrition is an industry leader in nutrition. They teach, like The Nutrition Guy a different, better, and more fulfilling way to improve your body and live a good and healthy life. ​

Their methods are in line with mine as The Nutrition Guy.  Real life suggestions and advice.

The Nutrition Guy as your Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, approaches coaching by listening your needs and what you want to accomplish. 

He learns about how you live, discover what’s important to you, and work together to move you closer to your goals.

Then he coaches you through the process, helping with the inevitable struggles and obstacles along the way.


Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach is their latest software that’s designed to help you benefit from a world-class, habit-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching program.  Giving you access from your computer, phone or tablet. Anywhere there is internet. 


To paraphrase Precision Nutrition, this program is for “anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their lives—for the rest of their lives.”

This is for men and women who:

are frustrated with all the fads and conflicting health and fitness information and is ready for a long term sustainable approach.
have busy lives and need personal accountability.
need a proven and legit system to follow for nutrition and lifestyle habits.
want an expert coach to help keep you consistent and on-track.
want clear instructions and direction on exactly what to do.
want to get healthy, lean, confident, successful, and look good.
want to enjoy life and learn how to make their own choices regarding nutrition and exercise.
want to enjoy life in their later years.

The focus of the program is to strategically help you improve your nutrition and lifestyle habits without overhauling your life. We help you build the habits you need to get results that last for the rest of your life.


This is not for athletes who have high level goals such as bodybuilders, fitness models or elite level athletes.

That said a program can be created for the elite level athletes on an individual basis.

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