Are You Ready?

Do You find yourself looking for Real life Nutritional information?

Do You feel you have tried all the “Diets” out there?

Do You want to make the dietary and lifestyle changes to help your body reduce future health risks?

Do You feel Exhausted?

Do You want long term Sustainable weight loss changes?

Do You want the energy to continue doing all those active things you have been or looking to get more active?

Then You Are Ready?

Really Ready to make the changes you want and need!

What would make this time different?  Well! The difference this time is that you can do it with the help of Your

Personal Coach The Nutrition Guy.

Learn how to build strong habits to Help you Succeed in Looking Better, Feel Stronger, Move Faster and Aim Higher.

Join our year long habit changing program now powered by ProCoach software and Your Coach Mike The Nutrition Guy!

Most of us do not have the “perfect” diet and lifestyle.

You can learn to make the BEST choices for yourself.

You can make those  new changes to your lifestyle for long term ongoing improvements to your overall wellness!

You don’t have to starve yourself.

You don’t have to eat funny-tasting shakes and bars.

You don’t have to drink lemon water with cayenne pepper for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You don’t have to suffer from the consequences of yo-yo dieting.

You will work with your body to lose the pounds that it doesn’t even want to hold onto.

You will be pleasantly surprised how self-care techniques can help you manage your weight.

You will learn the tools and tricks that will help you eat sensibly and keep the pounds off forever, for a lifetime of health and wellness.

You will receive optimized meal plans and ongoing coaching from 

The Nutrition Guy, your nutrition Coach. 

You can enjoy life to the fullest!

You can learn about the power of real food!

You know what is best for YOU!

Optimum Wellness is within your reach…

It is about making a few small changes over time to help your body find the ideal balance and weight it is looking for.  

Let The Nutrition Guy be your nutrition coach and help guide you.

Make the choice to change today.

You will never be a 100% ready to change.

There is no “perfect” time.

It will never come.

Start today.

A Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach will teach you the importance of balanced nutrition and lifestyle to promote the well being of the entire body, mind, and spirit. Each Client is regarded as an individual and each Wellness Plan is personalized to meet your needs and goals.

An CHN’s principal function is to educate individuals or groups about the benefits and positive health impact of optimal nutrition and lifestyle.

..because every person is born with a divine right to optimum wellness.



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