I did not expect the results I have received from following Mike’s suggestions!

     Mike has supported me 100% through this journey to better health and wellness. My family and I are all very grateful for the changes he has helped me make.

I began seeing Mike because I had stopped eating meat.  I would like to say because I became a vegetarian but that would imply that I did the work and knew what that meant.  I had lost quite a bit of weight, I was feeling weak and tired. I had started going to acupuncture twice a week, which can become quite costly. So when my sister, a doctor, told me that I had developed temporal wasting

(which apparently comes from severe lack of protein in ones diet)  I spoke to Mike hoping that he could give me some suggestions on how to find vegetarian proteins to add to my diet.

Eating whole food is changing my life.

You see, I also have another health issue: bipolar disorder. I have been medicated ‘appropriately’ for quite some time and live a very active successful life, however, struggling with ‘ups and downs’ and sometimes very low energy has plagued me my whole adult life, but since I made the commitment to eat -healthy whole foods I have been able to find and maintain the energy and joy that would disappear for  ‘no apparent reason’, AND now I know the reason! It was the food I was putting into my body- Traditionally this time of year  January, February would have me struggling to get out of bed and maybe even take an adjustment in my medication to get through, but not this year! This year, I am doing everything I want to be doing and enjoying it. I give that credit to Mike and the program he has set up for me.

I am now a vegetarian, I know what to eat and when, to help maintain the lifestyle I choose for myself AND I enjoy the variety of flavours and freshness of whole food.