K & L

We would highly recommend Mike’s services.  He is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and overall health and wellness.

Our decision to hire Mike to create nutrition plans for us was based on wanting to be proactive in hopes of possibly avoiding the need for medications down the road and to learn how to use whole foods as a way of eating properly for our specific body needs.  

We had the common goals of weight loss and eating to feel energized as both of us are quite active, but we also had separate needs including eating for good heart health, eating to increase bone density, cutting out sugar cravings, and increasing protein intake.  

We wanted individual plans for our own specific needs yet we wanted to easily be able to cook meals together.  

We were extremely impressed with our individual plans as well as the joint booklet Mike prepared for us on how to reach our goals and work together with meal planning.  

We have both lost weight and inches, feel great about what we are doing for our bodies, and learned so much along the way.  

We truly felt we already had a good handle on our nutrition but realized there was so much more to learn.   Mike provided us with the tools we needed to make smart decisions and opened our eyes to many myths about nutrition.  The plan was simple, easy to follow, and results oriented.  

K & L