I did not expect the results I have received from following Mike’s suggestions!

     Mike has supported me 100% through this journey to better health and wellness. My family and I are all very grateful for the changes he has helped me make.

I began seeing Mike because I had stopped eating meat.  I would like to say because I became a vegetarian but that would imply that I did the work and knew what that meant.  I had lost quite a bit of weight, I was feeling weak and tired. I had started going to acupuncture twice a week, which can become quite costly. So when my sister, a doctor, told me that I had developed temporal wasting


K & L

We would highly recommend Mike’s services.  He is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and overall health and wellness.

Our decision to hire Mike to create nutrition plans for us was based on wanting to be proactive in hopes of possibly avoiding the need for medications down the road and to learn how to use whole foods as a way of eating properly for our specific body needs.  

We had the common goals of weight loss and eating to feel energized as both of us are quite active, but we also had separate needs including eating for good heart health, eating to increase bone density, cutting out sugar cravings, and increasing protein intake.  



I just wanted to thank you for being such a great and supportive coach during the program.

Vicki and I ran on Saturday and I was 26 seconds below my goal, so I’m really happy and I want to keep running! Can’t wait for the next clinic.



Bryan D. Myles

While preparing for knee surgery and  during the following months of rehabilitation I was able to use many of Michael’s nutritional suggestions to get my body into primetime healing shape. I had a very easy recovery because my body had all the natural building blocks it needed to repair. Thank you Michael


Bryan D. Myles BSc.,DAc, DC


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture provider

Riverside Sports Therapy